Residential Services

The security of your home is of the utmost importance, both to you and your family, and for us at 'Locks & Keys'.

Ensuring your home’s locking systems work properly and that your family can securely enter and leave your home is what we’re here for.

Locked Out?

When locking systems are damaged — whether from rust, broken keys or age — it is important to replace them to ensure safety and security.

We offer Residential lock services which can quickly and effectively have your home’s locking systems up and running in no time. Whether you require a new lock altogether, or simply need your current lock repaired, 'Locks & Keys' sends skilled locksmiths right to your doorstep to replace and/or repair faulty locks.

In need of Replacement?!

What about lost keys? It happens to everyone! Keys get misplaced, are lost or sometimes even stolen.

'Locks & Keys' provides our customers with key replacement services to help ensure all of your family members have working keys in their pockets!
Have a broken key? Maybe yours got stuck in the lock? Call us whenever you’re in key-trouble and our expert locksmiths will aid in replacing your keys.